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Baby Music Boxes

Cuddly Music Boxes
A range of soft & cuddly music boxes for children. Each has a pull string type music box which when pulled out will play the music. Ideal as a first music box gift idea.

Ballerina Music Boxes, Ballerina Musical Jewellery Boxes

Ballerina Music Boxes
The traditional music box for girls ! Each with a ballerina figurine inside that twirls to the music when the music box is opened. A classic, timeless gift that all little girls will adore.

Musical Treasure Boxes

Musical Treasure Boxes
Delightful musical treasure boxes in a collection of unique themes from story book adventure to fairytale nursery rhymes. Ideal as a gift for the nursery. open the music box to see the magical figurine twirl & play the majestic music. Most have plenty of little hideaway drawers for storing secret treasures !

Christening Music Boxes, Christening Gifts

Christening Music Boxes
A select range of gorgeous music boxes that make perfect christening gift ideas. Enchanting musical treasure boxes & picture music boxes make a perfect keepsake christening gift.

Musical Carousels

Musical Carousels
A perfect music box that will surely delight. As these are delicate music boxes they are ideal for the older child, or as a music box to be put on a shelf in a nursery. Wind them from the top and they slowly rotate as the music box plays.

Musical Gifts, Miniature Music Boxes, Music Gifts

Music Box Gifts
More music boxes that make perfect unique gift ideas. Miniature music boxes for stocking fillers, party bag music boxes, birthday surprises and more.


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Carousels of Distinction
Musical Carousels, Carousel Music Boxes, Snow Globes & Water Globes
Inspired by the beauty & magnificence of the full size Victorian carousel, this superior series of collectible musical carousels are individually cast with the finest of detailing and meticulously painted by hand.

Magical Music Boxes
Magical Music Boxes - Luxury Music Boxes & Music Box Gifts
Music Boxes, Swiss Music Boxes, Jobin Music Boxes, Reuge Music Boxes

Music Boxes
Music Boxes, Gorgeous music boxes, wooden musical jewellery boxes, luxury swiss music boxes, children's music boxes, girls jewellery boxes & music box gifts

N. J. Dean & Co
Music Boxes, Jewellery Boxes & Unique Gifts
Reuge music boxes, musical & non musical jewellery boxes

Luxury Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Christening Gifts, Special Occasion Gifts

Music Boxes UK
Music Boxes, Music Jewellery Boxes, Music Gifts including Kaleidoscopes.

Musical Collectibles
Music Boxes, Music Jewellery Boxes, Musical Miniatures, Figurines & Gifts
Clockwork musical movements

Teánola Barrel Organs & Music Boxes
Teánola Mechanical Music, barrel organs, monkey organs, street organs, crank organs, organettes, manivelle musical boxes, mechanical reed organs, self build street organ kits, assemble & build your own barrel organ

Jewellery Boxes
Wooden Jewellery Boxes & Leather Jewellery Boxes

Music Box World UK Musical Jewellery Boxes
Wooden Musical Jewellery Boxes
Wood Music Boxes


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